Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Favorites Swap Part 2

In the spirit of the Favorites Swap, here is one of my favorite Crate & Barrel vases. I took the photo last year with those sweet little flowers all from my garden. Love those colors. So,I committed one of the classic rookie mistakes and I didn't put my email address on for peeps to send me emails if they were interested. So if you left a comment, if you wouldn't mind emailing me at, I will get us paired up. If I don't hear from the people who left comments by saturday, then I will leave comments on your blogs to get the word out. It took me longer than anticipated to get this rolling- we had some family stuff pop up that kept me pretty preoccupied. But I am back now and ready to get going with the swapping!


Lori said...

I want flowers like that in my yard NOW! Where is spring?

what kind of a name is abra said...

I want to swap too.....
Is it too late? That sounds like fun. You have my email already right?