Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Party!

We haven't had one of these at home parties in awhile but she really wanted to have just girls and have it at our house so thats what we did. There were 8 five and six year old girls which was a great number. I planned it so that we would have pedicures, make felt crowns and decorate our own cakes. Then we got really lucky and the weather turned just beautiful so we played outside games like Red Light Green Light and Simon Says. I can't believe how gorgeous the day was. This has been the coldest April since some year in the forties and it has sucked big time. The clouds all blew away, the sun came out and all the blossoms smelled incredible. Perfect birthday party weather and so much better than last year when literally, five minutes after the party started the Heaven's unleashed an unbelievable amount of grape sized raindrops for the next hour.
I got the cake pan at a garage sale this past summer and loved the idea of the individual doll cakes. I had a whole tray of them baked and not yet frosted and if you ever had need to make a bunch of cakes that look like boobies, this is the pan for you. I set the girls up with pink sugar, tropical Mike and Ikes (so yummy), white chocolate chips and some other sugary treats. They all loved decorating them and sat there for sometime really getting all the goodies stuck on before they ate them. Here is the whole table all set up. I have had those vintage yellow paper placemats for years and was happy to finally have the perfect occasion for them.

Here are the felt crowns we made. They looked so cute tied onto them. Super easy to make- just felt with ribbons sewn on. We used the fast dry tacky glue so that by the time it was time for cake, they were ready to wear. I also handed out paper fans from Uwajimaya and not only were they a huge hit, they made for some really cute photo props. Last but not least, I found this over the top "Beverage Fountain" at Tuesday Morning (local discount store). It was on super clearnace for $8.99. You can't tell from the picture but it is actually made out of pink plastic. It lights up and even has a rotating colored disc so that the light shooting up the center of the fountain changes colors. It is tacky and wonderful! So here are some shots of that.

So all in all it was a really fun party. I will say though that there were a couple of girls who really were having a hard time enjoying the party because they were pretty wrapped up in playing girl games- the insipid games where this one is mad at that one and this one is feeling excluded and I have to say I really don't know a good way to deal with all of that. It really hasn't been something that has come up with our kids but I remember those games from growing up a girl and it has been an ongoing thing this year. Does anyone have any good books on this subject or any advice on how you have dealt with this? Luckily the bulk of the girls were oblivious to what was going on and had a great time. I did notice though that M seemed to get wrapped up in the fact that people were unhappy and I would love to show her a way to be compassionate without being manipulated. It is a tricky concept to teach a six year old.
As fun as all this birthday stuff is, I am glad to have a few months before the next party!


laurie said...

Would have loved to be a little girl at your party! Great project to have the girls decorated their own cakes. And the am sure they were all over that. Great party!

Heather said...

Mo, I have been trying to email you, are you getting any of them??
I need your address. Please email me!!! Heather

Lori said...

That FOUNTAIN!!!! I LOVE IT! What a great girly party! I bet M and her guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I have no advice to offer you on the girl interaction dilemma... we are dealing with the same thing here. As well as the "I can only play with these certain friends and you are not one of them so I can't play with you" thing. I am not looking forward to Junior High.

Maija said...

Lucky girls day!!

sillypants said...

How. Fabulous. Is. That. FOUNTAIN ?!?!?!

OMG so many uses come to mind.

What a darling birthday party.

The girl drama doesn't stop or get better.

For us it got really bad and sort of peaked around 3/4 th grade. And this year for the most part it is all over. Since Dagny isn't going to W for school, I am hoping the small atmosphere and one on one attention will continue to help the current group of girls ( they are all staying except a few) keep a fair playing field and the drama will be kept to a minimum.

One of my FAVORITE parenting books is Queen Bees and Wanna Be's. I read it when D was in 3rd grade and I was completely SHOCKED at how RIGHT on the money it was. I may still have it and could pass it your way.