Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Favorite!

I just love Valentines Day. It's quick- not too much build up- just a fun day of sweets and nice words wrapped up in frilly pinkness. I like to make M something festive to wear for Valentines Day and I got this remnant for $2 at Joanns. I added the ruffle and other fabric but all in all, very cheap and she was thrilled with it. She really is a skirt or jeans only kind of girl and the skirt she will be able to wear for awhile. She is like a little amazon princess- so tall. Isn't that print just adorable? I so dig those boots- I had to hunt them down on ebay because that was the only place I could find them. She had these when she was about three and wore them all the time so I had to find another pair. I wish I could have found the turquoise again but the pink is fun too.

We had a bake sale on saturday with a bunch of other kids to raise money to buy movies for one of the local children's hospitals. We made coconut balls from an old Martha Stewart Everyday Food. One of our favorites- Yum!

And I made caramel apples for the first time in...well, probably ever. I may have made them once in my childhood but I just can't recall. I melted guittard milk choclate chips (soooo good!)and drizzled them with it so they were big and so yummy looking. Didn't eat any but they looked good. I didn't know it at the time but the chocolate all over them prevented them from sticking to the bags which was very helpful. They were a big hit. Everything everyone made was a big hit and we managed to make $300! Not bad! That will buy plenty of movies. We did a similar thing in the summer and all the kids raised $283 to go towards a cow through Heifer International. We try to do regular things like this so that the kids really get a feel for how they can help other people. Happy almost Valentines Day! Don't eat too many of those little necco hearts!


tricia said...

The skirt is beautiful! It reminds me of something Anthropologie would carry.

Maija said...

OMG! What a darling little skirt, and those boots rock!

Ta-Dah said...

Those boots are too cute!

Kimberly said...

My daughter has pink boots too! Keep an eye open at Target, thats where we have found our last two pair!